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It is in us all
It is in us all

It is in us all

Running time: 92 mins


Hamish is entranced by Evan's naive confidence and enigmatic comport. Londoner Hamish drives towards Donegal to claim a family property his deceased aunt left to him. Rounding a corner, he has a head-on collision with a vehicle speeding towards him. Waking up in a Letterkenny hospital ward, Hamish has a broken arm, his memory of the accident non-existent. A 15-year-old boy, Callum, died in the crash, with his 17-year-old passenger, Evan, sustaining minor injuries. At Aunt Tara's house, Hamish feels instantly connected, doubting whether he should sell this property, his legacy. At Callum’s funeral, Evan seems to sense Hamish’s presence. Locals talk about Hamish’s mother and aunt in a mysterious and opaque fashion. Hamish tries to discuss his mother on a call with Jack, his father, only to be shut down. For Jack the past is an ugly irrelevance. Evan and Hamish share a secret – Evan was driving the other car. Evan accuses Hamish of not swerving out of the way. Hamish denies it but suspects it might be true. Hamish is entranced by Evan's naive confidence. Evan begins to undress seductively and jumps into the sea, challenging Hamish's mortality. Enraged, Hamish carries the unconscious boy home and revives him. Witnessing Evan's loving relationship with his grandfather touches Hamish, as it's a paternal love he grieves for. Hamish's problems with his father came to the fore in a series of increasingly combative calls. A meeting with Callum's mother disarms Hamish further as she knows her son couldn't drive. At a techno club, Hamish’s attraction to Evan is evident. Hamish rips away, trying to level himself. He reencounters Callum's mother and is distraught for the loss of his own childhood. Hamish finds Evan at the crash site. Finally, Evan speaks about Callum. Seeing Evan in safety and truly belonging, Hamish explains to Evan that he must protect him by leaving.

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